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Villioti Fashion Institute is an accredited tertiary institution that takes pride in making the ordinary extraordinary. Led by Spero Villioti, who has run a successful fashion brand for more than 30 years, we are extraordinary in the details, which is what will set you apart and secure your future in fashion. International affiliations with Parsons New York, FIT (NY) and London College of Fashion enable us to internationally benchmark our fashion courses to ensure international alignment. We also offer students exposure to our vast network within the fashion industry, ensuring that you stay at the forefront of the fast changing world of fashion.



We educate, train and guide young visionaries to grow into fashion industry leaders. We offer students a well-rounded education that covers everything from business and entrepreneurial theory to fashion design and garment creation. Simply put, Villioti Fashion Institute will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skill required to have a successful career in the fashion industry. We have highly qualified academic staff with vast industry experience and practical knowledge.


Each of our fashion courses are carefully curated to ensure they are relevant to the fashion industry. Our close ties with the industry, and the experience of Spero Villioti himself, ensures that students are immersed in both practical and theoretical aspects of fashion. We nurture creativity to reap the reward of producing accomplished fashion graduates.

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If you want a career in fashion, a qualification from Villioti Fashion Institute is the ideal way into the industry. No matter which avenue of fashion you’re interested in, we offer fashion qualifications that align perfectly with the needs and trends of the industry. We’re all about the fundamentals of fashion, and if you are ready to dedicate to the artistry of this industry, we will be the perfect fit.


Claudia D’Anglo


Graduated: 2017


Course completed: Diploma in Fashion and a Degree in Fashion


Currently: Doing MA in London


“The amazing education I received at Villioti Fashion Institute truly prepared me for my MA and I honestly hope that the students realize how privileged they are to be studying there. When I got accepted to The Institute of Marangoni in London for my Master’s, the first few weeks were more of a “catch-up” lesson to see the general level of students’ work and capabilities, and I remember thinking to myself, “I’ve done this already, why am I here?!.” Obviously now the work has become more challenging as we progress through the term but having had such a great foundation makes everything so much easier.”

Izak Uys


Graduated: 2017


Course completed: Degree of Fashion


Currently: Regional Visual Merchandiser Armani at Surtee Group


“The Villioti Fashion Institute has changed my life. They equipped me with  the neccesary skills and knowledge to make it within the Fashion industry on both a personal and professional level. Everything I have learned at the Institute has been relevant, from brand building to being in luxury retail.”

Anita Ferreira


Graduated: 2016


Course completed: Diploma in Fashion


Currently: Owner of Anita Ferreira Designs


“I learned from the basic skills of fashion up to couture work to get me started in the industry, Villioti Fashion Institute’s standards are very high and the Institute is very hands on with their students guiding them through the entire process. As I was heading home one day from class with my hat in my hand that I just created at Villioti Fashion Institute, I got stopped by a celebrity that immediately wanted to buy the hat from me. Thereafter he requested more and since then I started my own business in Millinery. This was only possible because Villioti Fashion Institute is situated in Hyde Park Corner Shopping Center, home to the high society people. Villioti Fashion Institute is also the only Institute that has Millinery (hat-making) as a subject. I never thought that I would become a hat-maker but now it is what I do and I love it.”

Lameez Stoltenkamp


Graduated: 2016


Course completed: Diploma in Fashion


Currently: Internship with Edcon


“It was a great experience. The Institute exposed us to great design and tailoring techniques that prepared us to go into the Fashion Industry and reach new heights.”

Mariam Rahim


Graduated: 2016


Course completed: Diploma in Fashion


Currently: at Longchamp,Hyde Park


“Villioti Fashion Institute added prestige to my qualification. The students are known for being hard workers, which we learn to be during our studies – you can’t graduate if you’re not going to work hard. I also had unique skills that my employers found attractive, skills I learnt at Villioti Fashion Institute. Spero also helped me find my current job which shows their commitment to ensuring their students success does not stop at graduation.”

Kirsten Conlon


Graduated: 2014 and 2016


Course completed: Diploma in Fashion and Degree in Fashion


Currently: Mamuta Sales and Marketing Assistant Manager


“The Institute is really a great place to begin your first part of the road to success. Villioti Fashion Institute helped me to realise I could go places with confidence in my work. It helped me work alongside established designers in the industry to further my career and reputation.”

Chesney Williams


Graduated: 2015


Course completed: Diploma in Fashion


Currently: Head Designer for the brand AFI Privé at African Fashion International


“Studying at Villioti Fashion Institute helped me in many ways to reach my goals. I was taught many lessons in what it takes to actually be in this industry. If fashion is not your absolute passion then it’s not going to work, you have to be able to use your time wisely and learn all aspects of the industry. Being a designer is not just about designing, it’s a business. The late nights and ups and downs often takes its toll, however when you are doing what you love it fuels you and pushes you. Spero Villioti really pushed me to be the best that I could be, never giving up on me and never letting me give up on myself. Spero is still a mentor and inspiration, without the lecturers and the Institute I would not be in the position I am today.”

Laura Ferreira


Graduated: 2014


Course completed: Diploma in Fashion


Currently: Owner of House of Lucent


“I feel that studying at Villioti Fashion Institute set me apart from everyone else in the Fashion Industry. The skills and knowledge that I gained helped me to get my previous job at a clothing manufacturer in Cape Town and also enabled me to take a step towards starting my own business in fashion. I would highly recommend Villioti Fashion Institute to everyone.”

Joshua Van Der Venter


Graduated: 2014


Course completed: Diploma in Fashion and currently busy with Degree in Fashion


Currently: Promotional Sales division at Villioti Fashion Institute


“Villioti Fashion Institute treats each student as an individual and brings out their limitless creativity. They provide a warm, caring and nurturing environment that really makes you feel part of the Villioti Fashion Institute family. I am currently busy with my Degree which academically enables me to understand the Fashion Industry.”

Ryan Keys


Graduated: 2012


Course completed: Diploma in Fashion


“Since I graduated. I started at home with Bridal wear then opened my own store in Parkhurst, Johannesburg. I re-located the store to Hyde Park because of the exclusive clientele. Villioti Fashion Institute helped me gain knowledge in absolutely every area in the Fashion Industry. From Beading, Garment Engineering & Pattern Making right through to how to start your own business and run it successfully. Without them I would not be where I am today. They taught me a great deal of skills which I could develop as my business grew, and I can now offer a client absolutely everything; hats, dresses, bags etc. They truly expose you to endless possibilities. I am opening a 2nd shop in Sandton and continuously take part in two Fashion weeks per year. In 2017 I did 53 pieces in women’s wear and 45 pieces in men’s wear for Fashion week. I also started a bag and perfume range. My business is expanding in a rapid rate.”

Julie Georghiou


Graduated: 2010


Course completed: Diploma in Fashion


“Currently I am working at Studio Geo1. We are a corporate clothing and gifting company that specializes in restaurant wear. We bought over the business that had been running for 21 years and have expanded to having our own in house CMT and Embroidery departments. This allows us to be as creative as possible for our clients. I also have plans to make a line of ready to wear items in the near future. Villioti Fashion Institute taught us how to make use of our creativity, whether it’s on paper or in a garment. With Villioti Fashion Institute, we were taught to understand the whole make up of a beautiful garment, not just one aspect of it. With this skill, I can design a concept, understand a pattern, help in the workshop, as well as have a fully functional yet beautiful garment come out of our studio.  I also use Photoshop and Illustration everyday as part of my design process.”

Bataya Bouzaglou


Graduated: 2008


Course completed: Diploma in Fashion


Currently: Owner of Bouzaglou Couture


“Villioti Fashion Institute prepared me for the real world of fashion. They taught me what attention to detail really means. Their open-door policy and willingness to help a student is incredible.


If I could, I would do it all over again!”

Iyesha Stolarczyk


Graduated: 2007


Course completed: Diploma in Fashion


Currently: Lecturer at Villioti Fashion Institute


“Villioti Fashion Institute helped me to be self-sufficient in skills that would enable me to start my own business and sustain myself study my degree part-time. I started working as Spero’s assistant and worked closely with his mother cutting patterns, attending to customers and doing fittings. Spero then later approached me and asked if I would take on a lecturing role at the Institute which I would not have been able to do if not for the knowledge I have gained through my studies at the Institute. I have been lecturing at Villioti Institute for approximately 8 years now and enjoy working closely with the students.”