What Can I Do with a Fashion Degree?
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What Can I Do with a Fashion Degree?


When considering a career in fashion, there is often a misconception regarding the roles available on completion of a fashion degree. Because the fashion degree covers so many subject topics, graduates are able to seek real-world work options – across a range of industries – using these newly-acquired skills.

Here are a few careers you can consider on completion of your fashion degree:


Fashion Degree Careers


Fashion designer

For those with a real creative flair, work addiction and ability to thrive under pressure, then a career as a fashion designer is worth pursuing. It’s also a good idea to establish a fashion line while studying as building a brand can take time.


Trend forecaster

Data analysis, following fashion and watching global trends closely will see you finding a career as a trend forecaster. This could be predicting upcoming trends and even working to re-boot declining trends.


Retail buyer/merchandiser

If you want to influence the styles and trends of local consumers, then a position as a retail buyer is just the thing. You will draw on your own unique sense of style, as well as forecasting upcoming trends, while incorporating an understanding of local preferences to select clothing for major fashion stores.


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Pattern engineer

If you prefer the behind-the-scenes action and working on the design of clothing rather than the end result, then there is the option of a job as a pattern engineer. This individual creates the blueprint or pattern pieces for a particular clothing design.



The stylist will work closely with a fashion director or photographer creating the perfect image for a fashion photoshoot, layout, advertisement or music video.


Textile designer

Textile design involves creating designs for woven, knitted, printed fabrics or surface-ornamented fabrics. These patterns and designs will then find their way into interior décor and clothing stores.


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Theatrical costume design

If you have a flair for the dramatic, and are incredible with a needle and thread, then it might be worth taking your skills to the theatre! Here you can create iconic theatrical costumes for plays and operas across the world.


Merchandise planning

The more technically-minded fashion graduates, with a mind for figures and budgets, would be best-suited to a job in merchandise planning. This involves maximising ROI (return on investment) using sales and inventory. There is a lot of research involved, as well as employee training and store management.


Brand manager

If you’re brand conscious with a passion for quality then seek employ as a brand manager. You will be in charge of analysing consumer-buying habits, instigating marketing techniques and pushing fashion sales wherever possible.


Fashion product manager

Everything from overseeing production of clothing to organising details for fashion shows falls under the fashion product manager. This is the ‘right-hand’ person of the fashion designer who will ensure their vision comes to life.


Accessory designer

Fashion is more than just clothes…jewellery, belts, handbags, scarves, hats, shoes…this is all fashion. So, if you have a particular interest in one type of fashion, then pursue it!


Fashion media

The fashion degree from a leading fashion school unlocks a world of fashion media. Blog writing, magazine editorial, fashion photography, TV fashion reporting…there is so much to consider in this field.


Make-up artist

Combining a talent for arts with a love of fashion, those with a fashion degree can easily walk into a job as a make-up artist. You can own your own business, or work for theatre companies, magazines or production companies.


Public relations officer

Within the world of fashion, there are many public relations’ positions. It’s a high-intensity field that involves networking with media and other fashionistas, keeping your brand ahead of the game and acting quickly when it comes to negative media attention.


A fashion degree gives you an understanding of fashion trends, consumer lifestyle, market awareness, as well as political and socio-economic influences that impact on the fashion industry. The skills picked up when studying a fashion degree can be transferred into various sectors, meaning you will come out of with a really practical degree.


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