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Fashion Courses

The fashion curricula has been developed by a faculty of practicing professionals and a programme committee of industry leaders. They are continually evolving in response to changes in the field, offering the latest trends, skills and technology you need to succeed in the global economy whether your focus is fashion design or the business of fashion. Our fashion curricula includes a degree in fashion, a diploma in fashion as well as short courses in fashion.



Villioti Fashion Institute is also the proud host of the New York International Programme. This has become a tradition at the Institute and certainly a unique offering offered to South African fashion students and an unparalleled opportunity to experience design at an international level. Top faculty members fly out from New York to run the programme, which is designed and held exclusively for Villioti Fashion Institute. This is a unique opportunity for young South Africans to learn from our American counterparts and to gain a global perspective.



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The Villioti Fashion Institute engages in a rigorous interview process at the outset of the programme which helps to ensure that the student makes the right study choice. Our approach to teaching and learning is underpinned by passionate and caring lecturers who engage with each individual student. Study skills are shared and practiced. Students who require formal psychological counselling are referred to our outsourced psychologist.



Mentorship is a relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person. At Villioti Fashion Institute students are issued a mentor to support them throughout their studies. Mentors support their mentees by helping them to adjust both socially and academically to College life. Mentors are available to discuss and support students with health issues, study issues, personal problems etc. Where a mentor is not able to resolve an issue, the relevant academic staff member will be notified.