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Villioti Fashion Institute offers a range of short courses in fashion. The fashion courses are run once a week in the evenings from 17:00pm to 21:00pm or on Saturday mornings from 09:00am to 13:00pm and Saturday afternoons from 13:30pm - 17:30pm.


24 Weeks / 6 Months | R9 800

Beginners’ Garment Construction, a short course in fashion, will equip you with the fundamental components of garment construction in both theoretical and practical applications. It is impossible to produce excellent quality garments without in depth quality construction skills and knowledge.

By doing the course you will learn how to:

Construct everyday separates such as pants, blouses, jackets and outerwear.

Have a good understanding of professional terminology.

Understand and execute correct cutting layouts and cutting-out techniques.

With these skills you will be creating three dimensional garments, mastering, executing and practicing our specialized construction techniques and utilizing all of Spero Villioti’s refined secrets.


16 Weeks / 4 Months | R8 300

Take your garment engineering ability to the next level and construct one-of-a-kind garments utilizing these specialist skills all included in this short fashion course:


The art of fluidity and draping has been used for centuries to create prestigious, one-of-a-kind garments. Fluidity and draping will show you the concept of constructing advanced garments utilizing specialist techniques for a professional finish.


Understand how to attain the perfect balance between volume and corsetry in construction when it comes to glamourous, highly detailed and corseted garments for special occasions.


‘The perfect fit’ is one of the biggest criteria when picking garments out these days. Tailoring will equip you with the specialized construction techniques to create perfectly fitting everyday separates, including pants, skirts and jackets.



22 Weeks / 5 months 2 Weeks | R9 800

Pattern engineering is the greatest tool available to a designer to easily transform their designs from a sketch to reality. The fundamentals of women’s pattern manipulation and pattern engineering will give you the understanding of how to turn a tailored, corseted or specialized garment from a concept or illustration into a pattern that will in turn be sewn into a garment. This fashion course introduces the concept of constructing patterns to draft a set of well-fitting blocks that will form the base of all of your designs.


16 Weeks / 4 Months | R8 300

In this short fashion course you will be introduced to the concept of constructing patterns by using and applying the knowledge which you will have gained during the Beginners’ Pattern Engineering course and the Beginners’ Garment Construction course, to create advanced garments that are moulded to fit and tailored to perfection.

The fashion course will provide you with an understanding of how to create a pattern from a concept or illustration that will in turn produce an excellent fitting garment. You will also learn how to grade patterns which is the process of proportionally increasing/decreasing a master pattern to any required size; according to a prescribed set of body measurements.



24 Weeks / 6 Months | R9 800

The way designers approach their design process is a highly personalized road map, but they all share similarities in the principles of fashion design. Being a successful fashion designer involves understanding a wide variety of core principles. Our short fashion course is structured to provide you with the following:

  • Illustration skills
  • Various methods of designing
  • How to build a quantitative and qualitative body of research
  • How to use inspiration in the design process
  • How fabric knowledge and colour principles strengthen a designer’s message
  • How to evolve your own vision

Drawing is an essential tool that allows designers to visually communicate and develop their ideas. Designers who have the power to communicate visually have an enormous advantage in the work environment. Rendering fashion illustrations, creating impressive visual presentations and producing high quality flats and technical drawings are all key to the fashion design process. This course provides the tools to express unique creative ideas and by mastering its key principles, you will develop creatively and refine your understanding of what makes your design successful.


13 Weeks / 3 Months 1 Week | R7 400

In this course you will learn about the process of fashion image making and what the job entails. It will inform you about how and why the stylist has become an integral part of fashion image making in magazines, newspapers, and advertising campaigns, and more recently as a consultant to fashion designers and brands.

You will also learn what it means, for example, to style for a catalogue, a still life image or a fashion show and what types of skills these different fields require. Personal styling is explained in its various guises, from one-to-one styling in retail outlets to the styling of musicians and celebrities.
Additionally, it will describe the day-to-day life of a stylist which should help you to identify if this is the right career choice for you.

Visual examples of inspirational styling are studied not only by professionals but also undergraduates proving that even on a limited budget, with imagination and drive, it is still possible to create beautiful and relevant work.

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The below are the requirements for our range of short courses in fashion

Beginners Garment Construction

Completed Grade 7


Advanced Garment Construction

Completed Grade 7

Must already be proficient in garment construction

Must have own sewing machine


Beginners Pattern Engineering

Completed Grade 7


Advanced Pattern Engineering

Completed Grade 7

Must have basic knowledge of pattern making and block drafting


Fashion Design

Completed Grade 7



Completed Grade 7