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Scholarship Application

Before completing this application carefully review the scholarship rules, required student profile and conditions below.

    SECTION 1 – Student Information




    ID Number:

    Contact Number:


    Street Address:


    Postal Code:


    Country of Residence:

    Are you South African Citizen?:

    SECTION 2 – Student Academic Information

    What year of studying are you currently in?:

    What institution are you currently studying at?:

    Qualification Name:

    SAQA ID:

    Please list courses completed towards a Qualification below and results achieved:

    Please state your attendance average:

    State any instance of misconduct during your studies:

    SECTION 3 – Motivation

    Motivate why you should be awarded a Scholarship by the Villioti Fashion Institute:

    This application must be accompanied by your latest Academic Record/ Transcript and copy of ID.


    The following rules apply to the issuing of scholarships:

    • Scholarships are awarded at the Organisations discretion to entice extraordinary potential;
    • Applicants may only apply for a Bachelor of Fashion Qualification Scholarship;
    • Applicants must be currently in their first year of study of a fashion Qualification;
    • Scholarships are only awarded to an applicant from their 2nd year of study;
    • Scholarships are only open to South African citizens;
    • If applicants are not awarded the Scholarship applied for, they cannot apply for another

    Scholarship through the Institute;

    • Scholarships do not cover living costs, equipment, consumables, accommodation, flight tickets, health insurance and further expenses.



    • All applications will be reviewed by the Examination Committee of the Institute;
    • The Committee will select the best applicants for interview;
    • Applicants will receive in writing the results of their application;
    • These interviews will take place in January of each academic year;
    • The results for the full Scholarship will be released by the end of January of the academic year 2021 preceding the start of the academic calendar.


    Required Student Profile for the issuing of scholarships:

    • Excellent academic results
    • A minimum of 90% attendance
    • Extremely motivated towards the selected programme;
    • Extraordinary potential;
    • No instances of misconduct on the student’s record;
    • Positive and respectful attitude towards the Institution and its employees.


    Conditions of an awarded scholarship:

    • Students must achieve an average result of 75% or above in all modules as well as a minimum of 90% attendance;
    • If a student does not meet the above conditions, he/she must agree to pay back the part of the Degree Qualification completed at the rate charged to full time Degree students in the current year.